Scott A. Wilber – Founder and President

Scott first contemplated the forerunner of MindEnabled® Technology in 1993 and has been conducting research in the field since then. He is a well-established inventor and entrepreneur with 10 US patents including two for the first commercially viable pulse oximeter. According to a Wikipedia article accessed in July, 2012, “Because the pulse oximeter is now used in almost all areas of hospital care and related fields, Mr. Wilber’s invention is recognized as one of the ten most valuable medical devices of the 20th century.” His other patents cover inventions in the fields of laser gyroscopes, optical character recognition, true random number generators and generation methods, and influence of mind detection, with others pending on MindEnabled® technology, AI and question-answering systems. Scott also co-authored several articles published in major scientific journals, such as Physical Review B, Journal of the Electrochemical Society and Inorganic Syntheses.

Scott also founded Soricon Corporation that developed his OCR technology used in the first check scanners initially used in Safeway stores, and The Quantum World Corporation that sells a line of advanced quantum random number generators. In addition, he developed an efficient method for extracting and purifying Taxol, an important new anti-cancer drug only available (at the time) from yew tree bark; and provided an operational method for spectroscopically measuring brain oxygenation.