What is MindEnabled® Technology?

MindEnabled® Technology (ME Tech for short) is a combination of hardware specially designed to respond directly to mental focus and algorithms that process that response to produce specific desired results. The results may be as simple as producing an excess number of ones in an otherwise random binary sequence, or as complex as answering a question that cannot be answered using available information and traditional logic.

How is ME Tech Different from a “Mind-Controlled” Interface?

The term Mind Control has been used to describe a type of interface that uses brain waves or EEG signals to produce control signals for various devices. Electrodes are attached to the user’s head and the electronic variations from neurons firing in the brain are amplified and processed to obtain the desired signals. ME Tech does not require electronic connections to the user, and it can provide information that cannot be obtained from processed brain waves.

What is a MindEnabled® Device?

A MindEnabled® Device (ME Device for short) is the hardware part of MindEnabled® Technology specially designed to directly respond to mental focus. Each such device makes billions of measurements of truly random signals and processes them to provide a relatively small number of bias-amplified outputs for further processing.

Can I Buy a MindEnabled® Device?

MindEnabled® Devices are currently not available for sale.

How can I Try MindEnabled® Technology?

Games, training tools, contests and applications will be provided on our MindEnabled.com website.