Tomorrow’s Information Solution: New AI and Data Acquisition Technologies

Our patented AI and MindEnabled® Technology is a radical new way of gathering and processing information that will supplement and surpass existing technology. Special hardware using quantum properties and operating at trillions of operations per second allows an operator to directly interact with a computer to provide Question Answering capability and obtain information not inferable from data available on the Internet – or anywhere else.

Development Partnership

MindEnabled® Technology is a new field with vast potential, which will require significant resources to begin to explore. We encourage companies that may directly benefit from the development and use of this technology to open a dialog with us. This includes developers of alternate computer or other hardware control interfacing and any organization developing or needing information or intelligence gathering capabilities beyond the limitation of traditional methods.

Practical Applications

MindEnabled® Technology has been extensively tested to obtain noninferable information, meaning information that cannot be inferred or computed from available data. The data can also be used to supplement or “fill in the gaps” of information that is available through classical processing methods. Rapid machine learning can be used to provide a real-time estimate and enhancement of information fragments, which are then subjected to Bayesian analysis to combine information from all sources and calculate an estimate of the reliability of the final conclusion obtained.